Welcome to our Adventure Tours section. Here you will find exciting information about our surf and yoga retreat on the India mainland as well as our one of a kind adventure trips to one of the last frontiers in surfing, India’s beautiful and remote, unspoiled and untouched ( by surfers), the Andaman and Nicobar Islands to the southeast near Indonesia, or the Lakshadweep Islands to the southwest toward the Maldives. These surfcamps are not for beginners as the waves are epic. Getting there is not easy, but we have the experience and connections to make it as smooth a surf trip as possible. We will arrange everything, you only need to show up. This truly a travel adventure like no other!

Mainland India Surf Tour Packages
Mainland India Surftrip Packages

Our adventure tours will take you to beautiful uncrowded surf spots in Mainland India.

Everyone is welcome at Mainland India Surf Tours whether novice or advanced and are ensured that they will never forget this surf trip experience!

We aim to provide fun filled adventure travel that incorporates learning to surf with experiencing an amazing array of Indian culture and real adventure.

Lakshadweep Islands Surf Tour Packages

Lakshadweep Packages

Our Lakshadweep Islands surf packages will take you to world class surf spots, which features “Rastas” and “Satyas”, two right hand waves at this exotic location.

A surfcamp like no other, this is the ultimate surfing holidays experience.

•  Rastas : Is a hollow right hander that was named after the free surfer Dave Rastovich. Rasta immortalized this wave in the film “Castles in the sky”.

•  Satyas : Is a powerful high tide barrel to match Backdoor Pipeline and is also seen in Taylor Steele’s film “Castles in the sky”.

•  Surfers Caution: These two surf breaks are not for beginners level, these are intermediate and advanced level surf spots only.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands Tour Packages

Andaman Tour Packages

This Andaman tour package will take you to these remote raw and rugged islands, we have surfed these islands ourselves and now can offer a complete surf tour package. This beautiful exotic island will take your breath away, and the surf spots are epic!

Surf Breaks that are going to be surfed in the trip with good swell direction and wind condition’s:

• Butler’s Bay (world class left hand reef break)

• South Point Right and Left (Good reef break)

• Secret Break Right and Left (Good reef break)

• Onge’s  Left (World class left hand reef break)

And we are lineing up a lot more spots.

About the Tour Guides

One of our tour guides from the Mantra Surf Club will be accompanying all our guests on the trip. The guide will make sure that all our guests are taken care nicely starting from the word “go”, until the end of the Surf trip. The guide will also be responsible for taking the guests to the surf spots and will give you first hand details on how the breaks work.

Tour Documentation

Surf Tour Documentation

We will have a photographer and videographer on all the surf trips documenting everything for our own future promotions and use. Groups or individuals who are coming to make videos, photos, article features, are requested to notify us before hand, because you might not want us to publish the photos and videos before your articles or movies comes out. This will carry an extra cost of $ 300 for holding off our materials for the period of 3 months and $ 450 for the period of 6 months.

Basic Yoga

Surf and Yoga

Basic Yoga course for surfers. One hour every morning before surfing (optional).

Surf School and Surf Lessons

surf school

Surf lessons are available for Rs. 2000/- per person/per day (including surf gear). Please notify us in advance if you require lessons.

The surf lessons will start with safety and beach awareness then move through to paddling skills and eventually to standing up and riding a wave. For those who take to surfing quickly, turning the surfboard will be the next step in line with the ultimate surfing experience being able to ride across a wave and tear it up like a pro! We will take you to a variety of different surf spots to help you in learning to surf.

We provide a minimum of two, 2-hour lessons each day. will incorporate all the knowledge you need to start your surfing life and get you standing on the surfboard.

For those who don’t need to learn how to surf and are just coming to catch good waves, well, you can surf as much as your physically able to. Our guides will take you to the best surf spots around after considering the swell and wind conditions. Whether it be hollow reef breaks, long point breaks or super fun beach breaks we will get you surfing the best waves India has to offer.

surfing in india

Surfboard Rentals

Surf board rentals

Surfboards are available for our guests to rent at Rs. 1000/- per day per board or bring your own. We have short boards, SUP’s, body boards, fish boards, mini-mals and long boards available. We also have a wide variety of Surfboards for Sale [new and used]. NOTE: Surfboard Rental / Surfboard Hire is available ONLY in tours.

Terms &  Conditions


We will require a signed, scanned and emailed copy of our Terms & Conditions before departing for any surf tour. Medical care is basic so you must fully understand and personally accept the inherent risks in travel & surf of this nature and accept that we cannot be held responsible for your personal safety. We will also require a copy of your travel insurance (including surfing as an accepted activity).

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