India Surf Festival

Published on Thu, 02/02/2012 - 19:12

India is hosting its first surfing festival in Feb 2012 introducing the sport that connects a surfer's spirit to the ocean. The festival will be held in the scenic stretch of the Orissa beach for total immersion in the spiritual aspects of surfing. Enjoy artists and surfers from around the world who will perform and inspire every last present.

At the India Surf Festival one can learn the basics of surfing and paddling from experts around the world. Catch up on inspiring movies, art and indulge in live musical and visual performances, with sun bathing, organic food and solar clay therapy for complete synchronization with nature.

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LOCATION: Orissa, Rangers Adventure Foundation, Puri-Konark MArine drive, Puri, India, Puri, India


Here are some pictures of India Surf Festival
SFI (Surfing Federation of India) Officials at India's First Surf Festival