"The Ashram is a fabulous environment. You all are beautiful kind and sincere people. 
 Thank you for welcoming us into the ashram. You are all wonderful cooks as well.
 We look forward to seeing you in Mexico!!"

Margy Tucker, Coleen O'keefe.

"Amazing life style. Thank you for all great moments ! We are waiting for you in Brazil to get some waves together."

Rico Faisscl

"Amazing place full of wonderful people. Thank you for starting me on my spiritual journey of Krishna Consciousness."

Billy Wavell, Canada.

"This is like my 2nd home. Really nice people. Awesome ordination. Everyone is so lovely,   supporting, caring, helping.
Surfing was awesome. Everyone cared a lot. It was a very peaceful & pleasing vacation."

Manish.L. Chava, Mumbai, India.

"At last, some breathing space to let the artistic juices flow!
There is some thing inspiring about this place. All the boys have been so helpful,
kind and well-mannered. Truly open hearted people."

Kay Burns, Australia.

"WOW! You guys are unreal and its lots of laughs around the ashram…  You guys are an fine Ambassadors to India. Thank you for everything I could go on and on but…….
 P.S. If you(You being anyone of you) Find yourselves in the Los Angeles area call me, we will hook you up. Test me on this one.
 (*This invite stands for Ten Years)."

Robbie O'connell, Los Angeles.

"A great place to chill with some great people.
A home away from home!!"

Kate Wishart.

Thank you for your patience,  friendliness and Great teaching.
 You really have a very special and beautiful place here!:)"

Annisere Kruse, Denmark.

"Beautiful experience to be here and to surf with the boys. M so happy for the way you guys live your life. Peace. Hare Krishna.
Hope to see you again."

Ananth & Narmata, Mumbai, India.

"One of the best places i have stayed in the world! Awesome people and good food."

Chirstopher Chippa Wilson, Australia.