"Amazing and peaceful with the best secluded beach i have ever seen."

Thank you guys, Rohit.

"Amazing life style. Thank you for all great moments ! We are waiting for you in Brazil to get some waves together."

Rico Faisscl

"Great location,lovely people,amazing food, fun surfing we've had a wonderful week. Thank you so much!!!!!"

Becky weus & Benard Phelan

"In search for some answer in my life I came to this country, and now after a month i feel that i hame made more questions than before hahaha:)
I believe that some things in life are so important that you must experience them by yourself and i am sure the experience of coming to your Ashram
made a difference in my life. I had some fun and nice conversation with you and i am happy to have shared a small part of this life with you!!!
Stay the way you are, all of you:)  THANK YOU SO MUCH.    TATA   Surf was nice & relaxing."

Anna Forest.

"3Words. Oh My God. I love it here. I love the food, the surfing,and all of you guys!!!
 I will be back, sometime soon."


"Only here a week, yet i feel like you guys are my family! Thanks for the great surf, laughs & Amazing food!!!
 Keep doing what you are, whatever happens, I will be back one day! I have to. Thanks for everything you've done & taught me."

Kashyap Pindoria, England.

"Best thing to have happened to me lovely people, awesome food and made some real good friends,have to be back for more!!!!!"

Thanks you all for making my stay so incredible, Amit

"The best dosham ever! Go for it boys! Keep seeking and you will find it! Continue to have open hearts! Aloha+mahola."

Cheers, Chris Rehrer

"One of the best places i have stayed in the world! Awesome people and good food."

Chirstopher Chippa Wilson, Australia.

"WOW! You guys are unreal and its lots of laughs around the ashram…  You guys are an fine Ambassadors to India. Thank you for everything I could go on and on but…….
 P.S. If you(You being anyone of you) Find yourselves in the Los Angeles area call me, we will hook you up. Test me on this one.
 (*This invite stands for Ten Years)."

Robbie O'connell, Los Angeles.